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Portmarnock House

The brief was to refurbish and extend a derelict 1970’s semidetached house and create a home suitable for a young family and their three daughters, one of whom is severely disabled. The house was extended over the existing garage to create an additional bedroom and allow for the conversion of the attic. The scheme is a contemporary remodeling of a typical 1970’s home which is modern but not unsympathetic to the existing context in which it sits.


At ground floor the extension allowed the creation of a new family room and kitchen which is connected to the rear garden. The extension though north facing was designed to take maximum advantage of the east and west light through the extensive use of roof lights. The ground floor has a fully accessible bathroom and a ceiling lift has been installed. The materials used are derived directly from the existing context and use brick, dry dash, tiled roof, and grey painted windows.






Portmarnock, Co.Dublin

Design Team

Cobbe Architecture,

Andrew Riley Engineers


Enigma Construction

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